Cat Walk

Catherine loves to watch Vincent walking ahead of her. Why?


Cat Walk

“Catherine, hi!”, Jenny squeezed between the tables and threaded her way toward her friend, “Sorry I’m late, you know how it is?”

Catherine smiled, “Sure do, almost didn’t make it myself. In fact I was late. I thought you would have been waiting for me!” She stood and rounded the table in order to hug her friend before both of them sat down and checked through the menu.

“Having the usual?” Jenny pointed to the salmon salad surprised when Catherine shook her head.

“Actually no. I feel like something hot.”

“Don’t we all.” Jenny laughed heartily as Catherine raised an eyebrow before joining her friend in laughter.

“Which reminds me how is your love life doing these days?” Jenny eyed Catherine over the top of her menu trying to act as if her reply didn’t really matter. Which of course it did. Ever since Catherine had dumped Tom, her social life seemed to have been trashed also.

“Its good.” Catherine replied hardly daring to look Jenny in the eye.

“Yeah right. Come on Cath, this is me you’re talking to. It’s the pits, go on admit it.”

“We…ll.” Catherine shrugged her shoulders “It’s not all bad.”

Jenny would have choked had she anything served to choke on, “Not all bad? Downright non-existent I would call it. Why you don’t go anywhere, do anything, meet anyone, how can it possibly be anything but all bad?”

Despite the question Catherine laughed, “Its okay really. Besides when do I have the time to socialise?”



“I said tonight. You my dear are coming out with me tonight. There’s this fashion show on, and I just so happen to have a spare ticket, and you my dear would fill it nicely. So no buts, and no refusals, you Catherine Chandler are coming out tonight and that’s final.”

“Yes mom.” Catherine laughed, her eyes dancing with humour as Jenny looked ready to do battle with her should she dare attempt to argue.

*** *** ***

The telephone rang.

“Damn! Damn!” Catherine smacked down the eye shadow for the second time that evening, the first being when Joe had rang to see if she was free this evening, to see if she might possibly stand in tonight…”If that’s you Joe Maxwell, you can go jump!”

It wasn’t.


“Jenny? Is that you?”

“Yeah, huh…look…sorry hon…but I can’t make this evening… something’s come up… can’t avoid it…I’m so sorry Cathy, I did so want you to come…but hey why don’t you ring that dishy boss of yours and offer him my ticket? It would be a shame to waste them and I think you should still go.”

Suddenly Catherine lost interest. Joe at a fashion show? She shook her head - couldn’t imagine that in a million years. “It’s okay Jen, really it is. But don’t worry about the spare ticket, why don’t you offer the two of them to some other couple?”

“You sure you don’t mind? You could still go you know. I’m sure you would enjoy it, there is supposed to be some real cool designer stuff going along that cat walk tonight.”

“Just like last time?” Catherine teased.

“Oh Lord I hoped you’d forgotten that. Must have been the worst fashion show we ever went to but is it really that long since you have been to one with me?”

“Sure is Jen. It must be what, five years ago? I know I wasn’t in any hurry to repeat the experience. When that cover fell off the cat walk tripping up those models - well you were there you saw it - you either moved fast or got sat on. That undignified heap we all found ourselves in was not an experience I ever wish to repeat. Besides, I’d rather buy my clothes from a store rather than watch it walking by on some long legged baby doll.”

“Yeah I guess you’re right. When you’ve seen one cat walk, you’ve seen them all. So what will you do now that I’ve spoilt your plans for the evening?”

“Oh don’t worry about me Jen, I can always find things to do.”

“But we’ll go out soon huh? How about this time next week? My diary is free, call me and we’ll see if we can arrange something. Gotta dash now Cath, taxi is waiting.”

“Okay Jen, I’ll call you. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

“Well that gives me a lot of scope!” The two women laughed heartily as each replaced the receiver and Catherine returned to her bedroom with the intention of removing her recently applied makeup just as she heard a light tapping on her balcony doors.

“Vincent!” she whirled around and flew across the room opening the doors and throwing herself into his ever welcome arms.


‘Oh why oh why did her name sound so utterly adorable on his lips? And why did it leave her weak and wanting?’

“Are you going out?” Vincent quizzed as he took in her half made up face, one eye lid superbly coloured green the other still bare. Vincent almost chuckled out loud until he was forced to admit that even so oddly painted Catherine was still very beautiful. In fact he thought she was beautiful without any make up at all.

“No, not now. I was but Jenny phoned to cancel. So I’m all yours.”

There was a sudden silence as her words fell around them, plainly obvious to Vincent that she was and could never be all his. However, he had come to ask her to a recital that the children were giving and was pleased that her other engagement had been cancelled and Catherine was delighted when he told her about it moments later.

“Oh Vincent, I’d love to come. Give me ten minutes and I’ll meet you down at the threshold.”

Nine minutes later Catherine was back in Vincent’s arms, now securely in his world where he lived far beneath the city streets.

“The children have come to see where we have got to. Nina and Stephanie are waiting just around the corner, I have promised to hold their hands on the way back.” Vincent left the rest unsaid, but his silence told Catherine how much he would miss holding her hand on the way back instead.

“That’s all right Vincent, I don’t mind walking behind.”

“But I fear you will get cold.” He looked over her attire with misgivings happy that she had felt inclined to wear such a stunning gown for such an occasion but fearful that the material was not suitable for tunnel temperatures.

“Then lend me your cloak.”

“My cloak Catherine? It will be far too long for you. You may trip.”

“I’ll gather it up around me, don’t worry Vincent, besides you won’t be far ahead of me should I fall.” Catherine smiled giving Vincent the distinct impression that sharing his cloak was not the real reason that she wanted him to remove it but just at that moment and before he could reply the two little girls came into view.

“Hurry Vincent, or we shall miss it.”

Reluctantly Vincent unhooked his cloak from about his throat and shrugging out of it placed it around Catherine before taking up a small child’s hand in each one of his own.

“Hi Catherine!” The girls chimed as one, before dragging Vincent forward.

Catherine smiled and picked up the pace, enclosed snugly in the warmth and scent of Vincent’s cloak about her, and as he walked a few paces ahead of her Catherine could not prevent a chuckle escaping her as she whispered; “You’re wrong Jenny. When you’ve seen one cat walk, you haven’t seen them all.” As she happily watched Vincent’s adorable bottom swaying in front of her, the firm round cheeks enticing her with every step he took.

In front Vincent was highly embarrassed and thankful for the dim lighting of the tunnels as he felt his face glow with embarrassment. He’d heard her words, and not knowing the reason had assumed one instead. Now he knew why she had wanted to take his cloak so badly.

The journey to the home chambers was a test of endurance for Vincent, knowing full well that Catherine’s covetous eyes feasted upon him thus making him acutely embarrassed with every step he took, until he could stand it no more.

“Catherine?” Stopping abruptly and with her eyes feasted upon his curves and softly rippling muscles Catherine bumped right into Vincent not realising he had stopped walking as mesmerised as she was by the sight before her.

Without waiting for a response from her Vincent stepped around Catherine, “I think it might be better if you went in front.”

Catherine fought back a blush. So he had guessed had he? Well so what? If he thought he would turn the tables on her and cause her acute embarrassment then he could think again.

“Okay Vincent.” She told him lightly as she took up step in front of him fully aware that now he watched her from behind, but also fully aware that his cloak covered the best part of her curves, unfortunately.

Amid the chatter of two very talkative children Vincent grinned, hearing them not, his mind very much on Catherine walking in front, Catherine playing games at his expense, Catherine making him feel embarrassed. Well hoping to do likewise had not worked, but no matter Vincent chuckled, he’d have the last laugh.

Catherine heard him chuckle and wondered at its cause. And she would continue to wonder, and wonder some more as all through the recital tunnel folk would look at her, and stare and stare some more, and whisper behind hands, and draw the attention of their neighbour to look at Catherine.
And Father, in his usual jovial mood would make witty remarks about the green eyed monster, remarks that she would not ‘get’ until she returned to her apartment many happy hours later.

And then she noticed just as she was climbing into bed, she caught her reflection in the vanity mirror and she froze! Why hadn’t Vincent told her!
For there before her in the mirror was two eyes, one very expertly made up with green eye shadow and the other completely bare and Catherine blushed scarlet right down to the roots of her hair!

And deep in his chamber far beneath the city streets Vincent laughed out loud knowing it would be a long time before Catherine ventured to see a cat walk (uncovered) again.



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