When The Dream Became Reality

If only it could really be this way.

Some names have been altered or turned around to avoid embarrassment and to protect identities and I hope I have not offended anyone by writing this story. In doing so I tried not to elevate any one person above another. Within fandom we are all helpers, but it is recognised that some of us do that bit more to help the rest of us, and it is to these ones that I dedicate this story. I hope those people recognise who they are.


When the Dream Became Reality

Absorbed in an endless stream of newsletters, Jenny reached absentmindedly for the telephone as it shrilled in her ear, knowing that if she weren’t quick enough the answer phone would pick up the call. And at this late hour, well after eleven at night, Jenny was well aware that it could be important.
“Hello?” She answered with a mouth half full of paper clips then she instantly stilled to listen as her caller’s words filled her ears, her heart, her mind, as suddenly, slowly, fantastically, Jenny knew this could be the call she had waited for and prayed for, for over ten years now.
“Jen! Have you seen the news! No, you couldn’t have, or you would be on the phone to me right now. For God’s sake Jen switch on the damn TV. It’s on SKY. You just won’t believe it!”
Spitting out the paper clips, Jenny scurried across the sitting room floor, the telephone in one hand, avoiding the papers strewn across the carpet and switched on the TV. Where was the remote control? Scuttling back to the papers, Jenny dived beneath a pile of paper to where in her mind's eye saw the remote control where she had last seen it. Now buried beneath a mountain of newsletters, she fumbled for it, conscious of the fact that Tricia Taone was sighing with impatience down the telephone receiver now held to one ear and asking, “Have you switched it on yet?”
“Yes, yes, just let me switch over to SKY.” And to herself, “got it”, as she picked up the remote control and aimed it at the set.
SKY One came into focus, and there before her eyes was the dearest, most beloved face she had ever known, or at least had ever known during the last ten years. As the leonine features sunk into her shell shocked brain, Tricia heard her gasp and said, “Can you see him, isn’t it remarkable, I can’t believe it either Jen.”
“I, I don’t understand Trish, are they doing a re-make, a film or what? Trish I don’t understand, tell me, what have they been saying?” She asked breathlessly, as the news presenter rambled on about the amazing discovering, of the boy/beast, and the film crew focused on a large house, a part of which had been built into a laboratory.
“Just listen.” Tricia was telling her, and Jenny did avidly, and slowly everything became fantastically clear.

The boy/beast was ten years old, and had been created by an unnamed scientist, who inspired by an American television show, had decided to work at creating a being that was half lion and half man, and had gloriously succeeded. Not only that, but in tribute to that television show had, one, named the child Vincent, and, two, had educated him in great works of literature. Shakespeare, Dickens, Shelly, Thomas, so well that the young boy had the makings of the fabled beast to such a degree, that the report was assuring the listener that the child would in time, become the gentle man/beast of his namesake.
His future held a ring of uncertainty however, because the man that had created him had died suddenly leaving the child all alone in the world.
“Where are you calling from Trish?”
“I’ve just returned from Los Angeles, would you believe it huh? This would happen just as I get back. I thought perhaps you could ring one of the cast and see what they think?”
“What time is it there?”
“It’ll be around 2 am.”
“In that case I’ll send Roy a fax. Thanks for telling me Trish, I can’t believe this.”
“So you’ll go?”
“Wild horses wouldn’t stop me. I’ll call you as soon as I know anything.”
“Thanks, bye Jen.”
“Bye Trish.”
As soon as Jenny had replaced the receiver her mind was in a whirl. Was it possible? Was it a dream? She begun to get the full import of how Vincent, the fabled Vincent, had felt when he’d first discovered a connection to Catherine. It was unreal!
She made her way to the fax machine in a daze and dialled the familiar numbers still dizzy with joy.
“I just hope you’re there, Roy.” She spoke out loud, as she reached next for the telephone to book her and Dexter a flight to America.

Fortunately the reply fax arrived before she had left.
Roy Dotrice had seen the report and a press conference was going to be held to which the entire B&B cast had been invited.
“Can I come? I won’t be in the way, I’ll hide in a corner or something?” Jen asked breathlessly with her heart in her mouth.
“I’m sure I could smuggle you in, after all you are one of our helpers.” Roy chuckled, “Besides from what I hear there are others coming from Britain even as we speak. I have had faxes all morning from dozens of other B&B helpers.”
“What of the boy though Roy? What will become of him now?”
“That’s what we are all asking ourselves. I spoke to Ron earlier he can’t believe it, really he is bowled over. He joked that it looks like he’s out of the limelight now especially if the powers that be decide to do a movie and cast the real Vincent.”
“And I should think that is more than a possibility now don’t you think?”
“Oh yes most certainly. The fiction has just become a fact. In many respects I feel for the boy. His life is not going to be an easy one. There’s no telling where or with whom he will end up.”
Jen could not allow that to be, “I’ll have him here, that goes without saying. Or he could stay with one fan every week for life if nothing else.”
“You’ll have to get past me first.” Roy laughed. “Kay is already redesigning the spare room.”
Jen laughed.
“So I take it you are coming over?”
“Are you kidding! Dex will drive me through the night, I know he will and if we leave within the hour we should arrive in London by the latest four a.m. I’m going to ring Brook Silverfield and Jamie Amberosa after this call. I’m certain they’ll want to come. Is that all right?”
“Of course the more the merrier. Let the world know we mean business. When this hits the screens tomorrow, the world will see how many Beauty and the Beast fans there still are and be nothing short of impressed. This is going to be so wonderful Jen, I feel it in my bones.”
“The feeling is mutual Roy, and to think, we are actually going to meet a real Vincent it’s too incredible to be true.”
“It’s a dream come true.” Roy was shaking his head, while Kay clutched at his arm, her eyes shining with love up at her husband. She knew how much this meant to him. The dream had become reality, and there were no words to express the joy that the revelation brought forth.
“See you soon.” Jen was saying while replacing the receiver, and quietly trembling, she scooped up the pile of newsletters that she had taken hours to put into order, and dumped them ungraciously into one very large and ragged pile, not worrying one iota if the pages became creased. This was one time, she was absolutely certain, that those in fandom would surely understand.

*** *** ***
It would have been totally overwhelming, if it had not been for the circumstances. For suddenly Jenny and Dexter Ford, Brook Silverfield and Jamie Amberosa, found themselves surrounded by actors and actresses alike. Linda Hamilton, Ron Perlman, Roy and Kay Dotrice, and Jay Avacone, and the entire arrival lounge of the airport was filled with a sea of faces, so well loved and familiar that Jen could not stop the tears of joy from falling.
And the hugs! Jen couldn’t remember ever receiving so many hugs from so many people. Surely tomorrow she would be covered in bruises? And even as she looked more people arrived, Ellen Geer, Edward Albert, Ron Koslow, David Swartz, Jo Anderson and even Stephen McHatie. People she had met only on occasion and then only briefly. Now she was in the midst of this most wonderful family and there was not a dry eye to be seen.
The news reporters were having a field day. Flashlights broke through the light, microphones were thrust beneath noses, there was not time to think, to feel, to see anything but a blur of joyful faces, and Jen hugged herself with happiness, pinching herself from time to time that this was no dream.
Slowly, she became aware of being propelled towards the door where members of the Beauty and The Beast cast and their helpers were being ushered into waiting limousines and taken to a prior arranged location, where they had been promised that they would be told all that they needed to know.
And there were so many questions!

Many hours later, a hushed anticipation hung over the B&B cast and guests, while they waited eagerly to meet the person they had lived for these past ten years. All that time hoping and praying that the show would be revived. That Vincent as they knew him would be brought back to the television screens, bringing happiness to untold thousands of devoted fans, to have again within their sights the fantasy brought back to life, unknowing that such a being actually existed.
Sitting, waiting, expectantly, as a door to the far side of the room opened slowly, all eyes turned towards the sound as the door opened wider and inside stepped two men dressed in suits and followed timidly by a child that could only be described as beautiful.
Jen didn’t know about anyone else but she could so easily have fainted, if it had not been for Dexter, whom anticipating the moment, had suddenly reached out and held her tightly, the smelling salts at the ready beneath her nose. Then suddenly Jenny saw those beautiful blue eyes, wary, yet bright with interest, the long mane, a rich tawny gold, glittering beneath the shaft of sunlight that filtered through into the room, casting a golden halo over the hushed audience.
And then all at once, this child, so beautiful, so obviously alone in the world, was enfolded by a thousand poignantly aching arms, his cheeks pressed with kisses of welcome, his body crushed in a tight embrace by everyone crowding in on him.
Jen couldn’t believe it when at last she found herself right alongside him. She wanted to gaze with adoring eyes at this child for the rest of her days and could not help the tremble in her voice as she welcomed him and drew him into her arms.
“If you would all take your seats for a moment, there is an announcement I should like to make.” The words filled the room and Vincent half turned to look upon the speaker. He recognised the voice, it belonged to the man that had found him, the man with whom he had spent the last five days and he waited in anticipation for him to tell everyone the news that he had already been told.
When the room was quiet once again and everyone seated, save for Jen who found it an impossibility to take her hand away from Vincent’s furry hand, clasped tightly in hers. The speaker began to tell everyone, “ Just hours ago, I was privileged to be asked to accompany young Vincent here to the reading of his creator’s will, and as you are all benefactors, I think it is only right that I should read it out to you all now.” Placing his spectacles upon his nose, he took up the deed within his hand, and began to read aloud. “To whomever it may concern, I the undersigned, blah, blah, blah. I’m sorry I haven’t been given the right to utter his name. Hereby entrust the boy/beast child known as Vincent, into the care of all those who I feel certain will love and protect him all the years of his life. Namely all those actors and actresses who made up the cast of Beauty and The Beast as written by the script writer Ron Koslow and who have painstakingly campaigned to get the show back on the air. And it is my hope that one day the story can be told as reality and not as a fable.
Also not to be missed are the thousands of fans who I know, have kept the dream alive. These too may wish to contribute to Vincent’s future welfare."
The next words showed that young Vincent's creator had a sense of humour much like some of the fans themselves.
The speaker went on; "Finally, I should also like to apologise to Ron Perlman for the fact that he will no longer be required to act as Vincent and to add a word of warning to Linda Hamilton, that this Vincent is far too young for her!”
Everybody laughed, as Linda blushed while casting a sidelong glance in Ron Perlman’s direction, an unfathomable look that spoke imaginary volumes to their adoring fans.

Later, back in Roy’s home just off of Hollywood Boulevard, Jen flopped herself down wearily, yet happily, into one of her favourite chairs inside his lounge, her eyes still bright with joy. “Oh I’m so tired, but I don’t think I will ever get to sleep tonight, in fact I’ll be surprised if I get to sleep ever again. I’m so afraid that if I do, when I awake it will just be some ghastly nightmare.”
“I too feel that way my dear,” Roy spoke softly, his voice still holding the awe that he had felt ever since seeing that first news report on the television “yet sleep we must, for tomorrow is another day, and there are so many possibilities and the ideas are endless.”
“I thought it was so fitting that Ron took Vincent to his home for this first night in another’s care, “ Kay was telling them wistfully, “Did you notice how happy Ron was to be asked?”
Roy and Jen nodded, two pairs of eyes bright with joy, “It just couldn’t have been any other way could it, when you think about it?” Jen laughed happily.
Roy shook his head; “I wonder what they are talking about. I bet Ron doesn’t get any sleep either this night.”
“Well, it certainly puts a new perspective on the fan club doesn’t it.” Dexter shook his head, “I can’t say I’m sorry, it will be nice to have my wife back to myself again.”
Jen shot him a questioning look and Dexter laughed gaily, “What have I said?”
“It’s not over... if that’s what you think!” Jen’s voice rose, amazed to think that her husband could even begin to imagine that it ever could be. “We still have to get the show back on the air, nothing has changed. In fact Vincent’s existence has only intensified things imagine the response! Its going to be great, just great...the possibilities are endless." Eyes bright with renewed vigour Jen rushed on, "Vincent has just stepped into the biggest family in the world. There will be so much to say, to do, to organise...” Jen raised freshly inspired eyes towards her husband who caught her immense joy, and could not help but respond with eyes filled with love. “You know why I love you so much?" He whispered, though Roy and Kay overheard and clasped one another’s hands tightly waiting for him to go on. “Because for ten years and more you have tirelessly held this family together, along with our own, you have given advice and love, and beat yourself into the ground, and for what? A dream. But no dream could ever have meant so much to so many, and a lot of people will never forget you for what you have given of yourself for the benefit of others. The dream became reality Jen, and if they don’t give you, and those others that have worked tirelessly to help keep the dream alive a damn part in the new B&B series I will want to know why!”
Everyone burst into laughter, and Roy knuckled away a tear of mirth and echoed Dexter’s feelings. “Yes my dear we could certainly use you and many others as helpers. After all you have all proved yourselves worthy of the position and then some.” At that they all burst into joyful laughter and hugged one another so tightly that it hurt and Jen knew for a certainty that this was no dream...
...if nothing else, tomorrow’s bruises from all those hugs would certainly convince her of that!

If only it could really happen this way...

*** *** ***



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