Pink Lightening

Cotton candy and other stuff... there is a first time for everything


Pink Lightening

“Vincent do you like cotton candy?” Catherine asked without looking up from the book she was reading.

Unlike her, Vincent put his book aside, he couldn’t concentrate on it anyway, not with the way the glow from the candles highlighted the silky sheen of Catherine’s hair. He’d been transfixed by that sight for the past half an hour as she had turned her head this way and that while reading her book. He loved her and wanted her but he could never let her know.

The two of them had spent an enjoyable afternoon in the cosiness of his chamber just reading…well Catherine had been reading.

Her unexpected question made him smile. Did he like cotton candy? What could he say? The truth he supposed.

“I wouldn’t know Catherine. I’ve never tried any.” At least he knew what it was though.

“You’ve never…” Now Catherine looked up startled then.

With a twinkle in his eye, Vincent shook his head.

Lord, but he was gorgeous when he looked at her like that. He almost made Catherine forget her next question.

“Oh Vincent…we have to remedy that situation quick smart. You do know there is a travelling fair in the park next week, don’t you?”

Vincent did. It had always been a great sadness and thrill at the same time when the travelling fair came to the park. He remembered the exhilaration of the carousel with fondness, but the rides of today were faster, sleeker more exciting. Vincent had wished a thousand times that he could ride something, feel the wind in his hair, feel his heart thundering with excitement, how he wished that just once he could ride something anything and know how it felt.

He would stand in his vicinity of safety and watch, hear the shouts, the cries of people enjoying themselves and sniff with pleasure as delicious smells wafted across to him. Onions, burgers, chips, corn on the cob, hot dogs, roast pork, his mouth watered at the thought. But overriding all those wonderful scents had been one other. The sweet, sweet scent of cotton candy, oh how he wished he could savour such a delight.

The children of course had brought them home. Fluffy pink clouds on long wooden sticks, but he had never asked to try some and no one had ever offered to give him any.

“I take it you do know what cotton candy is?” Catherine was asking.

Vincent grinned, if only she knew what he had been thinking. “Yes Catherine, I know what it is. Do you like it?”

“Do I like it? Wow Vincent, it’s the best part of a travelling fair as far as I am concerned.”

Vincent frowned, “What, with all that sugar?”

Catherine laughed, “You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s fattening, but there is only around fifty five calories in each candyfloss, not a lot really for such a delightful indulgence. Vincent would you like to try it? I could get you some; they aren’t only sold on sticks one can buy them in plastic bags for taking home. Would you like some?”

Would he like some!

Vincent nodded vigorously he couldn’t help it, causing Catherine to laugh even harder. “Then I’ll bring some down with me next time I come.” In fact, I might just bring several bags, as I’m sure the children would love to partake of it too, Catherine thought to herself and laughed to herself imagining the fights that would break out if she didn’t bring enough with her.

“Catherine, thank you. I have always wanted to try cotton candy.”

“Vincent, you are more than welcome. I know that with your sweet tooth you will love it.”

*** *** ***

There was a rumpus in the tunnels, an argument broke out, shouts heard among positive chaos. Father hobbled to see what was going on, “Children, children what is it?” He asked concerned as he took in the appearance of the group before him. They looked different, small blotches of pink stained their cheeks, noses and hair. “What’s happened?” He asked as he drew level with them.

“Catherine bought us some cotton candy and Vincent stole it!” They wailed as one.

“That’s preposterous!” Father flared, “Why ever would Vincent do that?”

“Cos he ate all of his and wanted ours.” Another appointed himself spokesman and answered Father’s question.

“I can’t imagine…” Father’s voice trailed away. What on earth was that? Something flashed by in the tunnel ahead and he was sure it was pink. He moved forward trying to get a better look and was met by peels of laughter that he instantly recognised as belonging to Catherine.

“Oh Vincent you pig!” He heard her cry as he approached. Then as she saw Father coming toward her she whispered hoarsely, “You’d better hide here comes Father.”

Vincent needed no second telling, he was gone like greased lightening, pink greased lightening.

When Father arrived at the spot, he was somewhat mystified but with the look upon Catherine’s face his temper that Vincent might steal the food of babes melted and he began to grin.

“Father,” Catherine began laughing heartily, “You really should have bought your son cotton candy before this you know. Shame on you! It seems he can’t get enough!”

“Tell me, he hasn’t stolen it from the children?” Father asked.

“It was a genuine mistake. I left all the bags of cotton candy in his chamber while I went to find the children. Vincent arrived back before us, he thought it was all his then a tug of war began and everyone got plastered in the stuff. Vincent won I’m afraid, he’s got the lot.”

“His teeth will fall out if he eats it all.”

“No chance of that, he’s got most of it on him.” Catherine giggled again. “I suggested helping him wash it away but he wouldn’t hear of it. Says he wants to lick it all off. Ha! You should see him Father, he is actually covered in it! Its so funny.”

Father grinned, “The children don’t think so.” He looked over his shoulder the children were hovering nearby, hoping that Father might sort out the problem. Catherine had another idea. “Would you let them go above Father? I’m sure they would have a wonderful time at the fair.”

After some consideration Father agreed, then as Catherine told them the good news he barked dozens of rules and orders as Catherine handed out several wads of dollars and told them to have a good time and buy lots of cotton candy to make up for that lost.

“Shall we bring Vincent some?” Kipper asked with a mischievous grin.

“No I think he will be quite sick of it by then.” Catherine laughed. “Now off you go and be home before dark.”

They left Father and Catherine to Vincent, who was nowhere to be seen and wished them luck.

*** *** ***

Covered from head to toe in cotton candy Vincent welled in delirium. This was sheer bliss, this was sweet, mmm this was delicious. He sucked at his fingers, picking each piece of candy from his clothing and sucked some more. How could anything be so delectable? Why had he not had some before in his life? What had he missed? He thanked the gods and Catherine for bringing cotton candy his way, and stuffed himself on every delicious mouthful in his secret corner of the tunnels away from would be thieves. He thought that Catherine had brought it all for him and he was not about to share a bit of it! After all, in the past, no one had ever shared theirs with him.

Still following the sweet sticky scent, Catherine made her way in his direction intent on seeing the sight again. As long as she lived she’d never forget it and she soon found him in his secret corner munching happily with eyes closed savouring the feel and texture of the sweet candy as it melted on his tongue.

“Oooh Bliss.” It was written all of his face and Catherine wished that she had a camera right now, for the moment forgetting that having such a film developed would pose more questions than why is the guy covered in candy?

“Vincent?” He looked up startled as Catherine approached. He had not heard her coming. Had not even felt her via the connection they shared so engrossed was he in other delights.

“Catherine!” He sounded guilty, apologetic.

“If you could just see yourself. Vincent you are covered in candy!” Catherine laughed out loud at the sight he presented.

Suddenly from behind her Father’s voice was heard, “Vincent are you up there?”

“Stall him. He mustn’t see me like this, he’ll never let me live it down.” Panic filled Vincent’s pink rimmed blue eyes as he made his escape.

Father saw him go, but that was all. The candlelight picked out the candy-splattered figure as it deftly ran out of sight.

“Was that him?” Father approached with a chuckle, “I think we should rename him pink lightening. I’ve never seen him move so fast, not even when he and Devin were boys up to their tricks.”

Catherine couldn’t reply for laughing. And it was some moments before she found her voice, “You go back to your chamber Father, I’ll follow him, don’t worry he’ll be safe with me.” Catherine waggled her eyebrows suggestively and to her amazement Father found the sight so funny, that he laughed out loud and with a wave of his hand beckoned her onward.

Following the trail of sticky pink floss against outcrops of rock, Catherine wondered what Vincent might say to know he had lost some of his treasure, but when she finally caught up with him all thoughts of that swept from her mind. He was trapped, good and proper, literally by the hair and by Arthur of all things, who was hanging on for dear life through a crack in the rock.

“Catherine help me!” Vincent called as she came into view.

“How did this happen?” She asked taking stock of the situation.

“I was leaning against this wall when Arthur came up on the ledge and started tugging at my hair. I expect he was enticed by the cotton candy tangled in it. Then he went through that gap, and took his find with him. I can’t get him to let go Catherine. Please help.”

“Well I don’t know Vincent.” Catherine approached with a wicked look in her eye, “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have you right where I wanted and you look very appealing to me right now. Care to share some of your hoard?”

“My, my what?” Panic once again filled Vincent’s eyes as Catherine reached him and they stood face to face.

Stepping close so that her breath fanned his cheeks, Vincent jumped when Catherine’s tiny pink tongue popped out and began to lick and nuzzle at the tiny pieces of candy she found upon his lips, cheeks, throat, ears and neck.

“Catherine, don’t…”

“You’re covered Vincent. Its not fair, you should share it without complaint.”

For an answer, Vincent moaned as Catherine whispered in his ear and sucked upon the lobe. This was sweet torture. He was helpless. Well almost. He still had his hands free, only his hair was caught. Still though to reach out and grab at Catherine might be misconstrued. She might think he was drawing her to him. Another bout of panic swept through Vincent, as his senses reeled at her gentle assault. It was almost becoming too hard to think coherently.

“You know I’ve always wanted to do this my love, don’t you?” Catherine asked with her lips a hair’s breath from his. Vincent did not know how to reply, didn’t even know if he should. His eyes never left her face and he wondered what next to do as her intention became plain. Still her lips gently nudging against his caught him by surprise…and he thought cotton candy was sweet. Nothing could compare to the taste of Catherine’s lips on his and Vincent gave in readily, opening his mouth just slightly allowing her small pink tongue entry to his mouth.

Catherine groaned, moulding herself against him with obvious intent and of their own accord Vincent’s arms came up and slid around her, pulling her close to the aroused and throbbing contours of his body.

“Catherine.” He husked slanting his mouth against hers, tasting her, drawing her essence in. And even when the tugging upon his hair ceased signifying, that Arthur had relinquished his hold Vincent did not try to move away from his ladylove. He needed her sweetness more than anything else in the world, more than cotton candy more than air.

Suddenly Catherine chuckled as a fleeting thought passed her by, “You stick with me Babe.” She couldn’t help whispering against his lips and she left the rest purposely unsaid.

Despite everything Vincent began to chuckle. They really were stuck together. The candy saw to that, and he knew that was what she had meant, however, the offer was plainly there and he took it readily. Now was the time, besides he didn’t think he could draw away even if he wanted to do, because he needed her love like a man at an oasis, slaking his thirst in long deep draughts.

“I love you Catherine.” He husked against her lips and then said something that surprised the both of them. “Marry me?”

Stunned Catherine drew back her eyes dwelling upon his that showed stunned surprise mirrored in her own.

“Did you mean that?” she asked almost breathless with wonder.

He hadn’t known he would ask. It had been something he had only ever dreamed of, but then so had kissing her, now he knew the one, he so desperately wanted to know the other.

“Yes my Catherine, I love you and you would do me the greatest honour by agreeing to be my wife.”

Staring up at him, her eyes welling with tears of happiness, Catherine chuckled, “I should have bought you cotton candy two years ago. Oh Vincent, I would love to marry you and I know exactly what to buy you for a wedding gift…cotton candy.” She giggled.

“Oh no my Catherine, from now on you are the only sweetness I need in my life and if you could return to the way you have of removing all traces of the last batch I would be more than grateful.”

Catherine smiled impishly, “My pleasure.” She told him with a chuckle starting to nuzzle his flesh once again. Mmm he was delicious even without the candy.

And if he knew, which he wouldn’t, Father would be amazed for the large streak of pink lightening he had first seen in Vincent was now replaced by a tiny replica flicking and licking at the fringes of Vincent’s growing desire and soon taken captive by his own.

Pink lightening – Catherine’s tongue – Vincent’s tongue – giving each to the other a rhapsody of love – and a million long awaited fiery, passionate kisses - each one sweeter than candy.



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