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My Favourite BatB Links:

There are some really good web sites for Beauty and the Beast around the world wide web if only you know where to find them. Here are some of my favourite Beauty and the Beast web sites, where I have spent many happy hours reading the stories and looking at the artwork of some very talented authors and artists. Enjoy!

Classic Alliance of Beauty and the Beast - CABB


Marina Broers BatB web site

The Steam Tunnels Adult Fan Fiction

The Crystal Rose Lending Library

There are many lovely yahoo batb forums around the Internet but I have checked several and there has been no activity in a long time which is so sad. Plus there seems to be a big problem with registering for a yahoo site and that makes it hard to join these forums. My favourite however if only I could get into it was Tunnel Dreams and the link to it is:

Tunnel Dreams

There is also this one:

Vincent's Chamber

And this one:

BatB Character Bio

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