Beauty and the Beast Fanfiction
By Wendy Tunnard de-Veryard


As from June 2016 this web site is under re - construction - you should be able to read the stories but the web site will look messy so please bear with me.

January 2017 - Please also see my non batb fiction web site of mystical/psychic/spiritual/angelic stories at:

Wendy De'Ve - Shadowcast Fiction

Several stories that are found at this batb site have been and will be revised with different characters and changes to content and these will eventually be uploaded to the Shadowcast Fiction web site, and also will be on sale at under the author name of Wendy De'Ve.

There will be new stories too that have never been associated with beauty and the beast.

From mid 2017 onward please look out for the following stories for sale at Amazon:

1) F.L.O.A.T. (Faith, Love, Optimism And Trust). This is an angel channelled book and my spiritual biography.

2) HDS (Hominem de Sententia) a book about two scientist that design a brain chip that is used to reform prisoners and help the mentally handicapped. The story also has a thread of modern day piracy and marine biology. It took 22 years to write this story on and off due to the amount of research involved.

3) Keepers of the Root an epic of a fiction story that shows how children with autism are highly evolved human beings here to help the rest of us live life as we should do with love and peace and psychic energy. This book has my batb stories As Soft Wings Unfold and Blue Topaz blended into it.

4) Phawkz Beech a story of one man's revenge for school bullies.

5) Currently (Jan 2017) I am revising Star Dappled Night-Mare that Publish America published over a decade ago and I am altering it quite a bit, adding new chapters and locating the scenes here in the UK. I shall also be giving it back its original title of Star Spangled Night-Mare. (Publish America changed it to Dappled).

I hope you will continue to follow me as I write new stories for your reading pleasure and thank you for your continued support over the years.

If you require a brilliant editor for your non-batb fiction stories I recommend Gemma Fisk at:

Fisk Literary Services

Also find her at:

Gemma Fisk Literary Editor at Facebook

I have been having problems accessing the behind the scenes pages for this website, so if it should completely vanish again, being that I cannot work on it, please email me at: Wendy TDV or at the email link below for information of how to connect to a new batb site I would have to build. Thank you.


The stories found within this website have been written by and for lovers of the American television series Beauty and the Beast and no infringement upon the rights held by Ron Koslow, CBS, Republic Entertainment, Witt-Thomas Productions or any other Copyright holder to Beauty and the Beast is intended.

Furthermore all the stories found on this website belong to Wendy Tunnard de-Veryard, are protected by copyright and none should be copied, added to or subtracted from or altered in any way, without the prior authorisation of the author.

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