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Update December 22nd 2022 - In the new year of 2023 I shall be releasing non batb fiction on Amazon Kindle and Hard Cover. After they are released the synopsis for these stories can be found at:

Wendy De'Veryard - Shadowcast Fiction

The first story I am releasing on Amazon is:

HDS (Hominem de Sententia) a science fiction story about two scientist that design a brain chip that is used for prison reformation and to help the mentally handicapped. The story also has a thread of lunar and solar eclipses, modern day piracy and marine biology. It took 22 years to write this story on and off due to the amount of research involved. It is an epic of a story.

Currently (December 2022) I am completing a horror story 'Phawkz Beech' and have a new story in my head that I am eager to begin entitled 'The Extra 0'. I intend that Phawkz Beech will become a series of detective stories. Finally in 2023 I shall be revising Star Dappled Night-Mare that Publish America published in 2005. I shall also be using its original title of Star Spangled Night-Mare. (Publish America changed the word Spangled for Dappled).

I hope you will continue to follow me as I write new stories for your reading pleasure and to thank the thousands of fans of my stories for your letters of appreciation and for your continued support over the years. I'd like to also thank my current editor Gemma Fisk.

If any you other writers require a brilliant editor for your non-batb fiction stories I recommend my son's partner Gemma Fisk at:

Fisk Literary Services

Also find her at:

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The stories found within this website have been written by and for lovers of the American television series Beauty and the Beast and no infringement upon the rights held by Ron Koslow, CBS, Republic Entertainment, Witt-Thomas Productions or any other Copyright holder to Beauty and the Beast is intended.

Furthermore all the stories found on this website belong to and are written by Wendy De-Veryard, and are protected by copyright. As such none should be copied, added to or subtracted from or altered in any way, without the prior authorisation of the author. Legality will be entered into if these rights are abused.

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